Faith Formation

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Check out some of our fall small group session offerings, with more to come. FLYER – 2017 FALL SMALL GROUPS

Care for Our Common Home (Laudato Si) is the appeal from Pope Francis addressed to “every person living on this planet” for an inclusive dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet.

It’s National Migration Week. Please pray for our brothers and sisters forced to leave their homes. Spend some time reflecting on the theme for the week “Creating a Culture of Encounter.” What does that mean in light of those forced from their homes? How can you create a culture of encounter for those forced from their homes?

Our Catholic faith calls us all to be salt and light for the world. equips Catholics to live out Pope Francis’ call to “go forth” on mission.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) lives out the Gospel call to bring good news to those who are poor and oppressed (Luke 4:18) by working for long term solutions to address the root causes of poverty.

Did you know that 43 million people live in poverty in the United States? Consider making a commitment or two this month to help address poverty in our community.

Our parish offers some opportunities for you to help. Faith in Action has collections each month and St. Vincent de Paul helps those with immediate needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Email our parish office or call 859-635-4188 to find out how you can help.


The Adult Formation Team is looking for a few people to help plan opportunities for adults of all ages to grow and deepen their faith lives. We provide a wide range of opportunities from online offerings to events at the parish. There are monthly meetings from August-May which usually last from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. If this is something that interests you, please contact Jenn Ledonne at 859-635-4188 or

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Learn more about what the US Bishops Conference teaches about Faithful Citizenship site, as well as from the #CivilizeIt16 site. Check both of these out to further your knowledge and faith. GROUND RULES FOR CIVIL DIALOGUE – We are all called to engage in civil dialogue. Here are some possible ground rules for civil dialogue: 1. Make sure everyone has an opportunity to speak. 2. Share your personal experience, not someone else’s. 3. Listen carefully and respectfully. Speak carefully and respectfully. Do not play the role of know-it-all, convincer or corrector. Remember that a dialogue is not a debate. 4. Don’t interrupt unless for clarification or time keeping. 5. Accept that no group or viewpoint has a complete monopoly on the truth. 6. “Be more ready to give a favorable interpretation to another’s statement than condemn it” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2478, quoting St. Ignatius of Loyola). 7. Be cautious about assigning motives to another person.

LET’S BE CLEAR – The Church is non-partisan, so it does not endorse political parties or candidates. However, it does appeal to our consciences by speaking very clearly on the issues. Take some time shaping your own conscience by exploring the conscience of the Church. This includes knowing our responsibility in public service and Catholic Social Justice Teaching. We’ll explore this in upcoming bulletins, but you can also check out to start your journey.

FORMING CONSCIENCES – As we grow in personal faith and knowledge of our faith, our conscience is formed toward living out the faith we believe in. This is an important part of faithful citizenship. We cannot just sit back and avoid our civic duty to learn about the candidates and issues that will impact our community (going beyond sound bites). Make a decision on how the common good will best be served and then vote accordingly.

Click here for our study of Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si.