Parish Staff

Parish Office: (859) 635-4188

Father Joseph Gallenstein Pastor (859) 635-4188 Extension 102 Gallenstein
Father Edward Brodnick Parochial Vicar (859) 635-4188 Extension 103  Brodnick
Rev. Mr. Timothy A. Britt Deacon (859) 635-4188 Britt
Ms. Stephanie Baxter Director of W.E.R.E. (859) 635-4188 Extension 108 Baxter
Mr. Dan Bultman Business Manager (859) 635-4188 Extension 105 Bultman
Ms. Morgan Feldman Director of Sunday School (859) 635-4188 Feldman
Mr Matt Grosser School Principal (859) 635-9539  Grosser
Ms. Martha Hill School Secretary (859) 635-9539 Hill
Mr. Mike Jones, TDG Facilities Maintenance Manager (859) 635-2752
Ms. Laurie Marzullo Parish Secretary (859) 635-4188 Extension 101 Marzullo
Ms. Jenn Ledonne Director of Religious Education (859) 635-4188 Extension 104  Ledonne
Ms. Susan Stewart Director of Youth & Family Ministry (859) 635-4188 Extension 106 Stewart
Mr. Jim Wolfe Director of Music Ministry (859) 635-4188 Extension 107  Wolfe


2 thoughts on “Parish Staff

  1. I am trying to signup for volunteering at the festival but all I find in the website is a signup sheet for the children booths. I’m trying to sign up my husband and I for bankers on Saturday. Can you please help?

    • Hi, Karen – More sign-ups will be posted in the coming days. Please check back then. Thanks so much.

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