• Both the diocese and our parish insist that all adults who work or volunteer even on a limited basis with children complete the Virtus program. It does take effort on our part, but we owe it to our children. This whole program is a valuable way to help protect our children. The process involves several steps:
    1. Sign up for training. Register with VIRTUS to open an account and choose a live training session. The sessions take place at various locations in the diocese usually on a Saturday morning or a weekday evening. Register at
    2. Complete the background check through (under the Toolbox tab on Virtus). There is a one-time cost of $25.
    3. Read the Creating a Safe Environment – Procedures for Addressing Sexual Misconduct manual.
    4. Complete and sign the Volunteer Application.
    5. Complete and sign the 2014 Acceptance Form.
    6. Return the completed Volunteer Application and 2014 Acceptance Form to the parish office for processing through the Diocese.

All forms are available at the parish office or can be downloaded below.

Read the required monthly training bulletins at to continue the education process. By e-mail, you will be notified to complete the monthly assignment. The status of your online training is shown on the website.

It is necessary to complete all of these steps in order to work with children. If you have not yet signed up for the program, please do so soon so that you can be involved in the various activities here at St. Mary Parish.

For more information or to check on your status, please contact the parish office (635-4188).

Beginning January 1, 2014, background checks are being processed through the Cincinnati-based company, New volunteers and volunteers at their five-year renewal will still register at What’s new for volunteers is that they will now enter their own information for the background check, which was previously entered by the parish office. Volunteers will also be charged a one-time fee of $25. Anyone without a credit card can purchase a “token,” which is a code number, from the parish, which is then used in place of a credit card number. Currently, a background check is run for every new volunteer with follow-ups every five years. With, the same initial background check is run with additional checks occurring every four months. Five years is too long to wait in-between checks. The fact that someone knows that a background check is being run regularly is another barrier set up. Also currently, parishes were paying $6.50 for every background check. With, the one-time $25 fee covers the lifetime of background checks processed for the diocese as long as a person stays active, and more databases are being checked with more information provided with greater accuracy. Any questions, call Marylu Steffen at 392-1565.

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  1. I am not able to get into virtus. I though I was caught up on my trainings, but I may have missed the deadline for last month. Can you reset my account so that I may complete my required trainings? Thank you.

    • Hi, Lisa – I’ll forward this to Laurie, who manages Virtus. She’ll contact you via email. Thanks.

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